Rules And Regulations

  1. As regards the modalities of time each speaker will be allotted 4 minutes within which to put forward his/her view point. A warning bell will be rung at the end of 3 minutes.
  2. The judging criteria will be based on content and delivery and it is expected that the speaker includes refutation in the matter.
  3. Unparliamentary language is forbidden – however a moderate amount of good natured rebuttal is acceptable. Debates should never descend to petty quarrels, rows, and personal abuse of course is taboo.
  4. Speakers to be reminded to abstain from reading from pieces of paper or any other prepared material. Marks will be deducted for a speaker resorting to such means.
  5. The first speaker will get one minute, after all the speakers have spoken, for refutation, if he/she so desires.
  6. There will be a tea break of 15 minutes.
  7. The chairperson to sum up the debate. (A few floor speeches will be allowed after all members of the proposition and the opposition have had their say. (thrown open to the house)
  8. The motion will be put to vote by a show of hands after the floor speeches and before the judges have delivered their verdict.
  9. The eight best teams will qualify for the Finals.